Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I wish dreams were like wishes, and wishes came true, because in my dreams, I’m always with you <3


Crying doesn't indicate that you're weak. Since birth, it has always been a sign that you're alive!!!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's 19 days to countdown

I Can Wait Forever

by Air Supply

When you say I miss the things you do, 
I just wanna get back close again to you. 
But for now your voice is near enough. 
How I miss you, and I miss you love. 

And though all the days that pass me by so slow, 
all the emptiness inside me flows all around, 
and there's no way out. 
I'm just thinkin' so much of you. 
There was never any doubt. 
I can wait forever if you say you'll be there too. 

I can wait forever if you will. 
I know it's worth it all to spend my life alone with you.
When it looked as though my life was wrong,

You took my love and gave it somewhere to belong. 
I'll be here when hope is out of sight. 
I just wish that I was next to you tonight. 

And oh, I'll be reaching for you even though 
You'll be somewhere else, my love. 
We'll go like a bird on its way back home. 
I could never let you go. And I just want you to know...
Where are you now, 

along with the thoughts we share? 

Keep them strong somehow. 
And you know I'll always be there.


I have a strong feeling ur the result of all my 11:11 wishes :)

"Life is not what someone tells you it will be. Life is precisely what you make it! Remember: it's YOUR life!"

Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Inspirations

Sundanise weeding. I hope so =p

nice long dress

what a cute flat shoes!

simple chic!

beautiful dresses

They're looks pretty so damn much!

So Stunning harem pants


Hana Tajima, love her!

Casual Style

Crop Dresses

Hijab Tutorials

Here, they are!! Hijab Tutorials for you girls =) 

Hijab for hangingout

Hijab for event or party

Hijab for go out to campus

Hijab for campus,too

Hijab for go out to the office

Hijab for everysituation

Simple Hijab
I Think they are very cute, simple,and so easy to follow :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Eimberoven means??

Apa yang kalian pikirkan ketika ada sebuah kata yang bertuliskan "Eimberoven". Banyak yang bingung ya, secara nama itu sering banget gw gunain dan banyak yang gak tau artinya. Kata Eimberoven, sering banget gw pake untuk account email atau nama blog ini salah satunya. Banyak banget orang yg tanya, "apa sih artinya eimberoven,win?".  Dan gak jarang juga ada yang suka nebak-nebak sendiri, ya bahasa Eropa atau Amerika Latin. hehehehe.. Sebenarnya arti dari Eimberoven itu sendiri simple banget loh! Dan klo mereka yang uda tau artinya banyak yang bilang "ckck..ada-ada aja si Wina" hihihi..

Oke, kata Eimberoven itu berasal dari tanggal jadian gw dan pasangan (Insan Nurul Hakim) yaitu "Ei berarti Eight atau delapan", "Mber yang berarti November", "0 lebih tepatya angka nol yang berarti nol" dan "Ven yang berarti Seven". Jadi EIghtnoveMBER0seVEN!!

hahaha.. mungkin keliatannya norak ya! Tapi kita berdua suka ko nama itu, dan comfort banget ngucapin ke public area. =p